Scientology Handbook FREE Courses

No matter the difficulties you may be facing in life, Scientology offers answers.

Go to the subject area that you most want to improve and find the free course that is best for you. You can study at home as well as in our San Jose location.

The FREE Scientology Handbook Courses Cover such subjects as:

Communication Skills:

The Communication Course

Understanding Life:

The Dynamics of Existence Course

The Components of Understanding Course

The Emotional Tone Scale Course

The Communication Course

Stress, Anxiety, Depression:

The Solutions for a Dangerous Environment Course

The Cause of Suppression Course

Problems Learning:

The Technology of Study Course

Drugs and Alcohol Problems:

How to help someone overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol

How to regain enthusiasm for work:

Tools for the Workplace Course

The Basics of Organizing Course

The Targets and Goals Course

The Investigations Course

The Fundamentals of Public Relations Course

Integrity, Honesty and Ethics

The Integrity and Honesty Course

Ethics and Conditions Course

Handling Conflicts:

The How to Resolve Conflicts Course

Marriage and Family:

The Marriage Course

The How to Resolve Conflicts Course

The Children Course

Help an Ill or Injured Person:

The Assists for Illness and Injuries Course

Your Public Image:

The Fundamentals of Public Relations Course