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No matter the difficulties you may be facing in life, Scientology offers answers!

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Learn to Control Your Reactive Mind!

Have there been times you felt you couldn’t control your own thoughts, emotions or what you did or said? That you were a powerless bystander to your own actions and feelings?

Have you wondered why it’s hard to get rid of unwanted feelings despite everything you try? Why you stay sad, anxious, introverted, resentful, angry, low self-esteem or stuck in a breakup, betrayal or other trauma? For days, months or even years?

Do you ever feel that something gets in the way of your ability to realize your potential and feel happiness?

Well, there is something.

The answers lie in your reactive mind, the part of your mind that remains hidden from you, but that can affect and control you when triggered.

The unconscious, subconscious, or reactive mind, underlies and keeps people enslaved to uncontrolled impulses, thoughts and feelings. The reactive mind is a discovery of Dianetics, as contained in the best-selling book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard.

At San Jose Mission we use Dianetics auditing to relieve and eliminate irrational or unwanted feelings and thoughts, putting you back in control.

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