Who Am I?

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who am i

Click to watch video… We offer a free lecture that will provide a very interesting look at this question. Sign up below to reserve your seat, we will call you and provide our lecture schedule. Lectures are evenings at 7:15pm and are delivered at our San Jose location Scientology Mission of San Jose, 1083 South Winchester Blvd. San Jose, CA 95128

What is Scientology? Free Introductory Lecture.

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Hello and welcome to our website. “SCIENTOLOGY IS DIFFERENT mainly because one doesn’t have to believe in it to have it work. No tricks of logic are needed to prove any point and Scientologists only ask people to look for themselves.” -L. Ron Hubbard You are welcome to attend one of our free introductory lectures. To reserve your seat please sign… Read more »

Scientology Services, A Real World Example.

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Hello, Welcome to the web site of the Mission of San Jose. We are a local (San Jose, California) Scientology Mission and we are here to answer your questions and to help. So – What is Scientology or What are Scientology Beliefs? Definition: Scientology: Scio (Latin) “knowing, in the fullest sense of the word,” logos (Greek) “study of.” Thus Scientology means… Read more »

Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought


Called by L. Ron Hubbard as the Book One of Scientology. After having fully unified the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology came the refinement of their fundamentals. This book is of great value to both the beginner and advanced student of the mind, spirit and life. Equipped with this book alone, one can begin a practice and perform seeming miracle… Read more »

Think Clearly

Clear Body, Clear Mind

Past drug use affecting you today? Whether street drugs, medical drugs or the latest “feel-good” pharmaceuticals, you CAN eradicate these harmful drugs and toxins from your body by using the Purification Program detailed in this book. People the world over have experienced life-changing results, including: increased energy, enthusiasm and vitality, dramatically improved concentration and alertness, heightened efficiency in making decisions… Read more »

Book: Scientology: A New Slant on Life!


What is Scientology? Find out for yourself! Get the book: “Scientology: A New Slant on Life”. Scientology essentials for every part of life. Basic answers that put you in charge of your life. In every chapter of this book you will find valuable and practical information that describe different conditions and situations in your life and exact ways to improve them…. Read more »

Improve Your Communication Skills

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What if you could confidently talk to anyone? What if people could really understand what you are saying? What if you could really understand what they are saying? What if you could close that sale, ask for that date, make new friends, repair relationship problems, or effortlessly express any idea with confidence? Now You Can! The Success Through Communication Course will enable you to… Read more »

Do you really know yourself? Now you can, with Self Analysis.

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Using this book, through a series of light yet powerful at-home memory recall exercises  applied for as little as half an hour a day for two weeks, an individual on his own can markedly raise his or her general emotional outlook and attitude for the better. This short Video will explain: Find out for yourself! Click Here to get your copy… Read more »