Anger Management

Discover the cause of out-of-control anger and other unwanted emotions.

It is a discovery of Dianetics that all the painful experiences of the past are stored in a previously unknown part of the mind—it’s called the Reactive Mind.

The Reactive Mind is the source of your unwanted anger, worry, and anxiety. You need to get rid of it.

Your first step is to take a free, in-depth personality assessment that will help to you to discover what you strong points are and which points need improvement. The test will be presented to you free of charge at our San Jose office by a trained professional.

This is a totally free service.

There is no obligation to buy anything or sign up for anything, that is totally up to you. Just by doing the test alone you will have an improved understanding of life and will know what you can work on to have the life that you want and deserve.

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