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What is Study Technology (Study Tech)?

3rd Through 6th Grade Level

3rd Through 6th Grade Level

Whether you are looking for help in grammar school or college or even   to help your career, the ability to study and truly be able to understand,   retain and APPLY what you have learned is an essential, if not THE   essential, skill to have. Learn how to Learn.

Fundamental to all of this are three primary barriers that keep people   from successfully learning (or teaching) a subject. Despite all that has   been written on the subject of education, these barriers have only recently come to be broadly recognized as critically important in effective education.

7th Grade through High School

7th Grade through High School

Overfilled classrooms, underachieving students and “learning disorders” are today all too common. Teachers struggle with classroom management problems while principals ponder the correct levels of discipline to control unruly students. Parents struggling to help their children succeed as students.

Such problems have generated libraries full of educational theories. But the problems persist.

High School and Above & Teachers

High School & Above (And  Teachers!)

 The basic fact is that students fail to learn because no one ever taught   them how to learn, that is, how to identify the barriers to learning and   how to overcome those barriers.

 What are these barriers to learning? The answer is found in Study   Technology.

Developed by American author and educator L. Ron Hubbard, Study Technology (Study Tech) is not just another method of study. It allows a person to learn (or teach) any subject successfully, empowering them to achieve the goals they have set in life for what they want to be and what they want to do.

Free Introductory Lecture

Free Introductory Lecture or Consultation

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