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Developed by American author and educator L. Ron Hubbard, Study Technology (Study Tech) is not “just another method of study”. It allows a person to learn (or teach others to learn) any subject successfully, empowering them to learn and apply what they are studying.

Study Technology includes:

  • The first roadblock to overcome so you can successfully learn anything.

  • The three barriers to study that can prevent your understanding of a subject—and the precise tools to overcome these barriers.

  • How to learn and fully understand any subject you choose.


“Before doing the The Technology of Study Course, I had difficulty learning new things. While on the course, I learned what was stopping me from being able to learn. These barriers to study: Absence of Mass, Too Steep a Gradient, and The Misunderstood Word are so easy to overlook.

“But if they are easy to overlook, they are just as powerful in solving the mystery of why I couldn’t understand some of my previous studies. It wasn’t until after I learned of these barriers and their remedies that I began to get any understanding of what I was learning. But even more so, when I started to use these methods for real, my inability to learn anything new was totally blown away.

“I don’t think there is anything I can’t learn now. This stuff should be taught in schools everywhere. It could very well solve all our education problems!”


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