Public Speaking Meet-up Group

  • Does the thought of getting up in front of a group of people and giving a speech make your stomach churn with anxiety?
  • Does the thought of speaking up in a meeting to express your ideas make you want to duck under the table?
  • Does the thought of making a formal in-person proposal or request make your pulse rate go up?

You are not alone.

Public speaking is one of many people’s worst fears. Another name for it is stage fright. Just about everyone has experienced nervousness, trembling-knees, frozen-brain, or tongue-tied phenomena in front of people. But with good support and correct training, you can overcome these negative reactions to public speaking.

You just need a good approach to learning it.

Even if you are not all that bad at public speaking, and you just want to be a more effective speaker because it will help you get a promotion or improve your sales presentation, there’s something to learn.

The first step is to take part in an online meetup to find out more about how to improve your public speaking skills. From there, you can discuss several paths you can take and work out which of them will be best for you.
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