The Problems of Work

by L. Ron Hubbard

The Practical Solutions to Everyday Challenges

Do you ever wish you could be more productive, effective and organized and achieve greater success from your efforts? Do you often think about how you can improve your relationships with your family, friends or co-workers? What if you could have the tools to create a happier, more confident, more successful life?

The Secrets to a More Successful and Happy Life

The Problems of Work book contains proven answers to life’s toughest challenges. It gives you the fundamental tools you can immediately apply and experience instant results.  The Problems of Work by L. Ron Hubbard–the essential guide that not only transforms your professional life for optimum efficiency, but also increases your effectiveness in all aspects of life, including personal relationships, communication and confidence. The Problems of Work book ultimately produces a more powerful, productive, organized and effective you.

The Problems of Work book contains solutions to the everyday challenges of life. You will gain tools and techniques that can be applied on the spot, producing immediate and permanent results. It provides not only the tools to bring stability to the workplace, but practical information that will return happiness and success to all areas of life.

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