Relationships and Personality

 Find out how your personality is affecting your relationships.


 Your personality has everything to do with your personal relationships. What is keeping you from finding and creating better relationships? Find out Now!

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 The Mission of San Jose is extending an invitation to you to receive a free Personality Test and evaluation with no charge or obligation.

Take the test now, the results will be provided to you by a trained specialist at our center located at 1083 South Winchester Boulevard in San Jose.

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Optional Free Consultation:

While the analysis graph shows distinct personality traits, it is the interrelationship of these traits that provide the greater picture of your personality and how it effects your relationships.

We therefore provide a complimentary consultation to give you a detailed evaluation of your personality analysis. One of our trained consultants delivers this to you.

In this one-on-one interview, you gain a better understanding of your personality strengths and perceived weaknesses, and establish the recommended path to your fast and lasting success in relationships.

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