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The Vital Knowledge of Life

lic-course-pack-array2_enIn matters of relationships, personal motivation, marriage, children, honesty and others, a mountain of information is available. But which is the vital data? Scientology Life Improvement Courses are uniquely effective because they contain the truly important data on subjects of pressing concern in life.


Your happiness is probably your most valuable possession. Scientology Life Improvement Courses provide the tools to achieve the happiness you want.

They are based on L. Ron Hubbard’s fundamental discoveries of existence—breakthroughs that answer the most pressing questions in our lives.

There are twenty courses in all. Each addresses a specific part of life, and each contains the facts and tools to make that aspect of living the way it should be. Scientology Life Improvement Courses give you the skills to succeed in relationships, marriage, family and finance, the know-how to overcome ups and downs, to know who you can trust, to organize your life, to achieve your goals and much more.

With true knowledge and real tools, whatever is wrong in your life can be put right, and whatever is right in your life can get even better.

Below, you will find a list of services,

The Practical Solutions to Everyday Challenges:

The Personal Efficiency Course

 How to Improve Communication & Relationships:

The Success Through Communication Course

How to Improve Relationships With Others

How to Handle Marital Problems and Have a Happy Relationship:

Creating a Successful Marriage

Maintaining a Happy Marriage

Salvaging a Marriage

How to Handle Parenting Difficulties and Have a Great Relationships With Your Children:

Having a Happy Baby

Successfully Raising Children

Successfully Parenting Tweens & Teens

How to Handle Stress and Problems:

Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life

Personal Values and Integrity

How to Improve Relationships With Others

Knowing Who You Can Trust

How to Achieve Self-Confidence

How to Achieve your Goals and Purposes:

How to Get Motivated

Formulas for Living

Scientology Tools to Organize for Success

Effective Time Management

Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Scientology Tools for Effective Leadership

How to Handle Financial Problems and Be a Financial Success:

Scientology Tools for Overcoming Financial Stress

Scientology Tools for Financial Security

Scientology Principles of Prosperity

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