Want to Overcome Career Difficulties?

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This Book Will Help!

The Problems of Work

by L Ron Hubbard

The truth is that if you know a few simple to understand principles which are fully covered in this book you will be able to dramatically improve your happiness and satisfaction with your work, no matter what field you work in.

  • What does it take to hold on to a job?

  • How do you become more successful?

  • How do you handle the frustration that can happen at work?

  • How can you rise to the top and be noticed for the skills that you have?

It’s all in this book, and more!

Better Yet, the book is available as an audio book, paperback or DVD!

You can learn from this book in the format that is best for you!

Get your copy now!

Please choose the format which most interests you:

The Problems of Work in Video on DVD! $20.00

The Problems of Work Audio Book $20.00

The Problems of Work Paperback $20.00

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